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walking small dogs 30 pounds and under in Oakland's open spaces and parks


Tiny dogs, big spirits

Little dogs may be small in stature, but they hit well above their weight in personality and energy, and require just as much exercise and mental stimulation as their bigger counterparts.

Tiny dogs, big relief

Big fun for your small dog means big relief for you—relief from worry and guilt, relief from excess small dog energy, and the relief of having a pro walker who really gets your dog.

Tiny dogs, big results

Regular dog walks with carefully-chosen small dog friends means living with a happy, relaxed little who’s also all brushed-up on basic manners like recall, polite walking, wait, and sit.

Tiny dogs, big peace of mind

Our walkers are dogbiz U Dog Walking Academy certified dog walkers committed to professional development and providing for the specialized needs and safety of small dogs.

To maximize safety

It’s just too easy for small dogs to be injured by bigger companions, even with the best of intentions. Add predatory drift and it’s clear that smalls are safer playing with fellow smalls.


To maximize fun

Safe play boosts confidence, and for most littles it’s easier to let loose with like-sized friends who get you. (Plus there’s the bonus of not having to worry about being stepped on!)


Because they’re the best

If you’re reading this website you probably agree: Small dogs are the best dogs. All that personality and doggyness rolled into a tiny package—Really, what could be better?

From one tiny dog lover to another

Hello, fellow small dog lovers! My name is Lauren Ford. I started Tiny Dog Dancers to bring daily joy to the small dogs of Oakland, and to make Oakland small dog lovers’ lives a bit easier in the process.


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