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Small Dog Walks

Pro dog walking for tiny dogs with big spirits
Come home to a content, chill, confident small dog


How we dance at Tiny Dog Walks

Small groups

We’re all about small dog safety and lots (and lots) of attention, so we keep groups small. Your dog will enjoy the company of up to five pint-sized friends.

Carefully chosen buddies

Speaking of enjoying the company of friends, we carefully screen all the dogs we walk, and group them according to personality and play style to maximize fun.

Safe off-leash play

Alameda and Oakland are full of beautiful, safe, and legal places for small dogs to get their ya-ya’s out, and we take full advantage, walking the shorelines and trails for variety.

Positive reinforcement

We use gentle, effective, positive training techniques steeped in science to reinforce basic manners for safe off-leash play—including building rock-solid recalls.

100% focused for safety

We are 100% focused on your dog and our surroundings. No cell phone checking, headphones, team walks, or other unprofessional distractions.

Active communication

We share walk details so you can live vicariously through your dog from the office. We also make immediate note of any changes in behavior, activity level, or mood.

Our small dog walks are perfect for dogs 30 lbs. and under who:

Love a good romp

On-leash walks are fine for potties, but there’s nothing like an unfettered run to fill a dog with joy and make her feel her best!

Enjoy the company of fellow smalls

While their loyalty lies with us, many dogs thrive best when given time to play and rub shoulders with fellow four-leggeds.

Have lots of small dog energy

Small dogs are not called the Energizer Bunnies of the canine world for nothing, and nothing takes the edge off like exercise.

Fear nothing and no one

If you live with a fearless tiny dog, you know how important it is to keep a watchful eye on his antics. Our eagle eyes keep the fun safe.

Could use a confidence boost

Regular exercise, good friends, and stimulating adventures can do wonders for even the most sensitive of small dogs—watch yours bloom!
Tiny dog dance (walk) details
$40.00 /daily outing
  • 1 hour of off-leash hiking, romping, and play
  • small groups of up to 6 small dogs
  • for dogs 30 pounds and smaller
Tiny dog sitting

Fretting about upcoming travel plans? No need! Lauren will stay with your dog and watch over your home, ensuring an anxiety-free separation for both you and your tiny best friend.

  • Please note: Sitting available exclusively for regular dog walking clients.

Is your dog ready to dance with us?

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