Working with Tiny Dog Dancers has been so much fun.  The daily reports and photos are often the highlight of my day and I love seeing how lit up Wiley is with Lauren and his doggy pack.  I love knowing he’s in the hands of someone who truly loves him and who is a trained and knowledgeable professional.
Cris (and Wiley)
I was having two major problems with my dog Sofi and Lauren helped correct my behavior to better communicate with my dog to correct her behavior which helped make us both more calm when we’d go on our daily walks. I was having trouble with sofi pulling on the leash and she would lunge and bark profusely at other dogs. Lauren suggested two simple gentle techniques that started to correct my dogs behavior almost instantly. But of course you have to reinforce the techniques daily with repetition. Lauren has a great grasp on dog psychology and she is a gentle and patient dog walker. I’d highly recommend her to anybody. Thank you Lauren.
Ryan (and Sofi)
Since Buster started going out with Tiny Dog Dancers every day he’s a new dog!  He’s calmer and more content when I get home from work. He’s always loved other dogs, so I can feel good about him getting to play with his dog buddies on their daily hikes, but to be honest I really knew we had a winner when Lauren came to the house for the first time and he didn’t growl at her!  I guess a dog knows a dog lover when he sees (or smells?) one. Thankfully he seems to be a little less ornery around humans these days as well.
Steve (and Buster)